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Workshop for QA engineers

In Kyiv, 30 QA engineers participated in the Dev-Pro QA Workshop on “Reliable test automation with Python”. Under the leadership of a talented speaker Sergei Pirogov, QA Automation Consultant in Automation Remarks and author of the famous course about automation at Github, the participants disassembled many topics: from designing a REST API test to running tests in Docker containers.

Workshop for DevOps

Dev-Pro organized the DevOps Workshop that took place in Kharkiv. Sergey Marchenko, Head of IT at Dev-Pro, spoke about the intricacies of using Terraform and methods of interaction with Vault and Terraform states for building secure infrastructure. Thanks to the speaker and participants for their active participation and interesting questions.

JSDevTalk#2 by Dev-Pro

JSDevTalk #2 brought together 150 developers in Dnipro! There Sergey Sinenok, Cloud Architect at Dev-Pro, talked about personal branding in IT. Mikhail Borzenko, JS Developer at Dev-Pro, listed the rules for quality development. Vladimir Taran, Oleg Rovensky, Nikita Galkin, Taras Pasyuk shared their vast expertise from helpers in TypeScript to the peculiarities of using the Cassandra DB.

Angular in Depth

Together with Angular developer Maxim Koretsky – popular speaker and tech blogger – we dedicated a full-scale conference to one technology: Angular-in-Depth held in Kyiv. The members of Angular Core Team being the frontliners and our star-speakers attracted guests from Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus and this created a trully international event.

PMCon by Dev-Pro

In support of PM and BA community, our annual PMCon#6 was held on June 9, 2019 with its topic “Catch Tomorrow of Management and Analysis.” This year, we tried to predict the development trends of the industry together with 21 speakers from the US, Spain, Britain, Germany, UK and about 400 participants.


BAConf became a platform for professional communication in the field of business analysis. Participants discussed important issues and industry trends with foreign and Ukrainian speakers.


PMCon#4 is a high standard conference for IT Project Managers and Business Analysts held in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We combined education, inspiring ideas, and fun, and created a great opportunity for professional development. Held on June 2017 in Kharkiv Palace hotel, the event welcomed almost 400 guests.

Dev-Pro Angular Flow

Dev-Pro Angular Flow was a free three-week course in Angular 4.0 for experienced JavaScript developers. At Dev-Pro, we encourage proactive learners by investing in their success.

Dev-Pro Node Flow

Dev-Pro Node Flow was a free two-week course in Node.js for experienced JavaScript developers. Ten participants studied Node.js with a highly skilled trainer.

Dnipro JS TechTalk by Dev-Pro

Our first tech event in Dnipro: TechTalk by where one could meet experienced JS developers passionate about this technology, discuss the latest technology news, resolve a lof of complex issues, get answers to difficult questions, share knowledge within the community.

Angular Flow Dnipro

Angular Flow Dnipro is a free three-week intensive course in Angular for experienced JavaScript developers. Its program included 10 topics from Basic concepts to Unit testing. 10 Intermediate JavaScript developers got a professional upgrade!


Dev-Pro has been co-organizer of KharkivJS since 2012, one of the biggest Ukrainian JavaScript conferences and one of the most popular ones, according to This event is a community-driven conference that gathers JavaScript developers from all over Ukraine.

First Angular Meetup in Kharkiv

Dev-Pro is a co-organizer of a first Angular Meetup in Kharkiv – a place where participants can meet proactive professionals, share achievements and find answers to common technology questions. The first event was aimed to create Angular Community in Kharkiv.

Dev-Pro Node Flow Advanced

Free three-week Advanced Course in Node.js for experienced JavaScript developers. Two groups of 10 students each successfully completed this course and improved their skills. There were 10 units, from ” Event Loop. Event-driven Architecture,” to “Node application architecture patterns.”

Kyiv JS TechTalk by Dev-Pro

TechTalk about popular JavaScript technologies, like Nest.JS, Angular and React Native. Three skilled speakers from Ukraine, Israel, and Poland provided presentations and Q&A sessions. In the end, all the participants were invited to an afterparty.

Recruiters Meetups Tour

There were four meetups for recruiting professionals in Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv. Three speakers have shared their experience on how to handle extreme growth and how to build an all-stars recruiting team, and how to communicate with candidates effectively.

RxJS workshop for JS developers Kyiv

Workshop for Senior JS developers. This event featured a lecture followed by an informal pizza party. Ten participants dealt with 13 themes, from “RxJS operators,” to “Connectable observables.”

Dev-Pro TypeScript Flow

Free three-week course in TypeScript for experienced JavaScript developers. Ten participants improved their TypeScript skills, completed 6 units, from “OOP in TypeScript. Classes, Interfaces, Mixins,” to ‘Testing patterns for TypeScript.” This course gave our participants an opportunity to become successful full-stack developers.

Dev-Pro Python Flow

Free three-week course in Python for QA Engineers. Ten participants completed 9 units, from “Collections. Basic Algorithms,” to “Acceptance testing. Selenium. OOP in tests. The course consisted of 18 hours of lectures and 16 hours of homework.”

Dev-Pro Angular Flow Kyiv

A free, three-week intensive course in Kyiv for Senior Angular JS developers with Maxim Koretskiy. Maxim is a highly qualified developer, tutor, and creator of the “Angular in Depth” blog. Fifteen students completed 10 units, from “TypeScript. Angular overview,” to “Testing and Framework architecture.”


PMCon#5 is a high standard conference for IT PMs and BAs held in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 2018 it was dedicated to professional evolution & ways to achieve it, presented by keynote speakers from the US, the UK, Denmark, Luxembourg & the Czech Republic. We combined education, inspiring ideas, and fun, & created a great opportunity for professional development & networking with over 450 attendees.

Dev-Pro Angular Flow Dnipro

Free three-week intensive course in Angular for experienced JavaScript developers in Dnipro. Ten developers improved their skills and completed 10 units from “TypeScript. Basic concepts and OOP,” to “Unit Testing. Test Bed.”

BA Workshop

BA workshop was an internal event in a friendly atmosphere for colleagues and invited guests. The goal of this gathering was to bring together a community of Intermediate/ Seniors Business Analysts. We provided a lot of practical cases and helped the participants get familiar with a popular direction for development in their field: Point of Sale projects.

Lviv .NET TechTalk: Blockchain Edition

We brought together .NET enthusiasts and 4 skilled speakers to discuss tricky cases related to Blockchain technology. More than that, after the TechTalk, we held a closed workshop for senior developers with one of the speakers.

PMTalk by Dev-Pro

PMTalk by Dev-Pro was a professional event in Dnipro that united more than 200 participants. 3 speakers, experienced Dev-Pro project managers, discussed several issues, from communication features in distributed teams to approach in onboarding new team members on large-size accounts.


Dev-Pro has been co-organizer of KharkivJS since 2012. One of Dev-Pro key activities in 2018 was #devprocashdrawerchallenge with a real cash drawer from our Point of sale project. Everyone could test their skills, make an order, proceed to payment, open the cash drawer and grab a prize!

Dnipro JS TechTalk: POS Edition

This meetup was focused on practical cases of JavaScript implementation in Point of Sale industry. Speakers and audience discussed the most popular frameworks such as TypeScript, React and MongoDB. It was our first event with all three speakers being Dev-Pro experts.


1000 Angels

Dev-Pro President Jeff Bianco has been an Angel at 1000 Angels – a NYC-based Angels Fund – and has invested in six young companies since 2015. He is also actively assisting in webinars and educational acceleration programs for startups run by the fund.

Startup Conference 2017

Gold Partnership in Startup Conference 2017 was held in May 2017 in San Francisco, where Dev-Pro awarded a prize of $25,000 in services to one of the competing startups. The prize is yet to be claimed.

Synergy tech startup contest

A pitch competition organized by Dev-Pro in April 2017 in support of emerging businesses in the Pacific Northwest, awarding prizes of $25,000 and $10,000 in software development services. Both the winners have benefited from the engagement.

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