Shaping our
tech future

  • 2011 The year Dev-Pro was founded in
  • 4 Delivery centers in Ukraine and the USA
  • 400 Professionals on our team
  • 100+ Technologies covered in our skillset matrix


Jeff Bianco photo
Jeff Bianco
President and Founder, serial entrepreneur, effective-communication evangelist, world traveler
Maxim Kortunov photo
Maxim Kortunov
CTO, PC addict since the age of eight, engineer and researcher by nature, always striving to understand how things work on deep level; strong leader, true family man
Galina Shakirova photo
Galina Shakirova
CPO, psychology, poetry and foreign languages fan, tireless learner and generous knowledge sharer (now mastering Technology Management at LvBS whilst teaching a Recruitment/HR course at Hillel IT School)
Sergii Koshman photo
Sergii Koshman
CAO, true negotiator and relationships builder eager to mentor colleagues on leadership and professional growth, passionate snowboarder and motorbike rider, active sports lover dreaming of running a marathon
Nick Smoliar photo
Nick Smoliar
CFO, spreadsheet expert, database architecture and analytics pro, bookworm, sports, and healthy lifestyle supporter

10 rules of effective communication

Jeff Bianco is an Effective Communication evangelist not just for but also for the IT community in Ukraine. The rules Jeff has worked out are based on his findings after working with Ukrainian specialists successfully for 25 years. They illustrate expectations of those working in distributed teams and seeking how to bridge the cultural gap in mentality and business ethics. Our President is best to speak on this topic and has given several presentations in Ukraine aimed at raising the level of service Ukrainian outsourcing industry provides and educating IT community on the important aspects of international collaboration

Our core VALUES

  • Communication

    Achieve high standards of communication and visibility

  • Openness

    Obtain full information, be transparent to our colleagues and clients

  • Reliability

    We respect commitments and value time. We keep our promises to both clients and colleagues

  • Education

    Let us invest in your professionalism and help you be a proactive learner. Grow with us!

Path of growth

  • 1993 / Beginnings

    Dev-Pro President and Founder Jeff Bianco is one of the pioneers of working with Ukraine-based engineering teams. He partners with several Ukraine based companies (Validio Software, TeamDev) to develop several successful product startups, in the area of e-commerce, digital media, graphic design and gaming, enterprise services.

  • 2010 / Foundation

    Jeff Bianco forms his latest venture: a company called TravelConfirm, with the mission to optimize travel bookings. The company combines technology development and people-based services to deliver unique value proposition.

  • 2011 / Pivot

    TravelConfirm business shifts towards providing consulting services to other engineering companies. In 2011, TravelConfirm commits to fully shift to engineering services, and is rebranded as "Dev-Pro".

  • 2015 / Community

    Dev-Pro starts the tradition of full-size conferences and public educational events for Ukrainian IT community: PMCon, BAConf, DevTalks.

  • 2017 / Expansion

    High performance leads to high growth, and Dev-Pro opens 3 new office locations across Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv and Dnipro (in addition to the home base in Kharkiv).

  • 2018 / International

    Dev-Pro opens its first engineering center in the United States (Charlotte, North Carolina). Company crosses the mark of 500 in headcount and breaks into Top 50 of engineering companies in Ukraine.